Anti-decubitus mattress: how does it work?

As the term itself suggests, this type of mattress has been designed specifically to prevent or treat skin lesions, which are formed when a patient is forced to stay in bed for a rather long period of time or for a lifetime. Therefore, it is a real medical device. But how does the anti-decubitus mattress work? What is its specific action? Many people have asked us this. First of all, let’s see how bedsores build up. Generally, injuries are caused by friction, stretching or contact pressure.

In particular, with the contact pressure, the tissues undergo ischemia, which inevitably leads to an occlusion of the capillaries, with the formation of necrosis and skin edema. Therefore, the anti-decubitus mattress must act on the causes that determine these lesions and therefore reduce stretching, friction and contact pressure, dispersing humidity and heat, allowing you to maintain a posture that is as correct as possible.

All this is possible thanks to a thin and soft mat, which is placed on the slab, in the upper part, which is equipped with pressure sensors.

These pressure sensors, when they detect all contact pressures, are sent directly to a hardware device, whose software is able to analyze the data sent to it. All these data are then sent to specialized centers in 3D or 2D screen, which depending on the different shades of color, which vary according to the type of pressure the body applies to the mattress, highlights each variation.

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As you will have understood then, the anti-decubitus mattress is a sanitary device, which has the purpose of avoiding the formation of sores in all those patients who, due to injuries or illnesses, are forced to stay in bed for long periods of time or even for all life.

As we have seen so far, there are many models on the market and in the next paragraph, we will see them in greater detail. Obviously, we have already come up with an idea of what the best and most suitable models, in general, could be, depending on the quality-price ratio.