Features of spring mattress:

As with all mattresses with spring core, the spring core of the pocket spring mattress is covered with padding to increase the sleeping comfort. The core cover can be made of cold foam, molded foam or visco-foam.

With regard to the core structure, the manufacturers come up with elaborate designs to make lying as comfortable as possible. Depending on the edition, a mattress, despite its innerspring, may sometimes be referred to as a viscous mattress or molded foam mattress.

What features has a pocket spring core mattress?

A pocket spring mattress convinces in the first place with its point elasticity. The fact that the pocket springs are sewn separately from each other, they can also respond separately to load pressure.

Depending on the weight of the body part or sleeping position, each spring gives way individually, so that, for example, pelvis and shoulder can sink deeper into lateral position. In this way, your entire body always experiences the support it needs on the spot.

Furthermore, the typical core structure allows strong air circulation, because inside and between the springs are cavities. In addition, the core is pressed together with each movement on the spring mattress, creating a real suction effect that pumps fresh air into the core. As a result, penetrating moisture is continuously transported away and the pocket spring mattress is dried from the inside. It is less susceptible to mold and dust mites.

Overall, a pocket spring mattress scores also by long life and high dimensional stability. Through the non-woven bags, the springs move almost noiselessly. The slight reverberation of the feathers is rated by many users as very pleasant.

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A pocket spring core mattress!

As a rule, a mattress with pocket springs is not suitable for adjustable slatted frames, whether manually or electrically adjustable.

This is because a spring core is not flexural elastic, as is the case, for example, with cold foam mattresses. If the core is bent too much, it may damage the springs. With a rigid slatted frame, you are therefore on the safe side. So you can really enjoy the dimensional stability of your pocket spring mattress and the box spring bed feeling for a long time.