Why do I need a slatted frame?

A good mattress is only half as good if the matching slatted frame is missing. After all, it contributes decisively to optimally relieving our weight and allowing us to relax and sleep well. How to find the right slatted frame, we tell you in this article.

Why do I need a slatted frame?

Did you just sleep on the floor in your student days with a mattress? Then maybe you wonder today why you really need a slatted frame. The answer is: for several good reasons.

A slatted frame supports the function of the mattress immensely – of course, only if you choose the right one. In addition, he also ensures that the mattress is optimally ventilated. This is also very important if you prefer a healthy sleeping environment and also want the mattress to last longer.

Because without good ventilation mites can accumulate in the mattress and the moisture cannot be completely removed. As a result, sooner or later foxing can form.

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Pay attention to the correct size of the bed

Central to the purchase of a new slatted base is the size. He has to fit not only to the mattress but also to the bed. As a rule, it is recommended that two-bed bases be used for double beds (that is, starting at a width of 1.60 m).

This not only ensures that the slatted base does not have to balance too much weight, but it is also better for the mattress. Usually, you will have 2 mattresses in bed from a width of 1.60 m. Since it makes sense if both mattresses are supported by a respective lower spring.

This is also a good idea for the sleepers because only in very rare cases will two people sleep in the bed, which have exactly the same weight, the same sleeping position, and the same complaints. With two separate slatted frames, you can react to these conditions quite differently.

Beds up to 1.40 m tall are usually equipped with only one slatted frame. This is already related to the size because individual slatted frames with a width of 70 cm are rare.